my first book

Wow! What a journey this has been.

I now understand why so many set out to write a book and never finish. There is so much more that goes into putting it together and getting it on a shelf or at the stage to purchase.

I started gathering information on this topic back in 2005. I was single at the time and just thought it would be fun to practice the Law of Attraction. I had been able to make things happen in my life by using certain practices. So I thought why not try to get my perfect guy in my life.

It worked back then. I did meet my perfect guy–we got married–we got divorced!

Alas, I have had several more years to tweak the techniques and methods!

It is no big secret! Thought creates reality. The secret is to be very specific in your thoughts, in a precise way and to stick to them. Do not change them once you have decided what you want.

Manifest Your Mate is a tool to help you draft, edit and finalize your command to the Universe for your perfect mate.

I have decided that it would be fun to launch the book and have a platform where woman can come to share their stories about the process, their successes, their doubts about the methods and experiences they will use and have with Manifest Your Mate.

So check out the Blips to find answers, comment or just read about others journeys.

If you feel you could use some one on one guidance with the method in the book, I am a personal coach in the method and am available on a limited schedule to assist in your journey.

Wishing you the best on your path to your perfect mate!

Joan Severance

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The first 100 orders received through this website will receive their copy autographed by Ms. Severance…now that’s priceless!

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