the process

I never knew how much goes into writing a book and getting it in print.

Overwhelming at times. It takes great dedication and persistence to see a book project through to the print phase…and then there is the marketing of it, which never ends.

I decided to finish my book while I was seeking an agent. because I felt, I would have to finish it it anyway once I got an agent, so why wait. I am glad I did. I know so much more about the “how” of the industry by doing it myself.

Great success never comes easy, even though it may look as if it does from an outside perspective.

I think the hardest part for me has been the editing process, as even though I had several sets of eyes on the manuscript prior to sending to an editor, many mistakes were discovered. Then I had a second editor and even more mistakes were discovered. Then I read over it several more times and found even more mistakes. Then one of the same editors reviewed it again and discover more mistakes.

Is a book ever really ready to be printed was a thought that swarmed around me in the last month before pushing the button to distribute.

I liken it to a painter and a painting – is it ever finished?

No, that is why there are sequels!

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