editing – yikes!

Who wants to sit and read through their own book a hundred times? No one.

I found that it is a must to know every word, every space and every piece of punctuation before you publish.

I think the brain gets used to seeing something it has seen before, so in the review process, it is hard to catch every mistake.

I ended up reading my book aloud to myself and placing the punctuation verbally as I did. This helped me see the flow, where the punctuation should be verses where I had it and if the words made sense at all.

So glad I did this because it gave me the opportunity to tweak and add content which has made the final book so much better…so don’t sweat the fact that you want it in print “now” let the process happen and see what other goodies the Universe has for you to add to the masterpiece of your first book.

I strongly urge anyone writing a book to review, review and review again and then have two to three sets of other eyes review it as well.

Enjoy the process!

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