the cover

I found the cover image online almost a year before I started cover design for the book and definitely before the manuscript could even be called one.

I love this image, the textures the feeling that she is creating her mate from the Universal dust. I love the fact that they create stronger love as they combine as two, by the heart shaped space above.

Immediately upon seeing the image – I knew I had to have words and statements on it. I played around with different ideas and finally got someone to assist me in getting my ideas on the image.

Think of these statements as thoughts. We all have thoughts, the thoughts stay and linger or they dissipate. The stronger the thought the clearer it can be picked up by others and the Universe.

That was my intent in the addition of the statements to the image.

I also had them enhance the heart strength by layering a heart over the existing heart shaped space.

Let me know your opinion on the cover image and the graphics on it.

Enjoy the day!

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