Healthy Relationships

What does the term “healthy relationship” mean to you?

To me it means that each person respects and loves themselves enough to know how to communicate in an effective way with the other. A healthy relationship should last a lifetime. It can stand the trials and tribulations of loss and disaster, of all kinds. It can stand the struggles of disease and illnesses.

A healthy relationship carries both participants into the future, instead of to divorce court because both parties are working from the same respect and love vibration.

If you are needy and have to have certain things that cannot be provided by the other, are you willing to look at yourself and see how you can provide them yourself? Will you blame the other for not providing them, even they they never did or could? Would you expect the other to change to make you feel better?

I think one can only enter into a “healthy relationship” when they are a complete person and do not need anything from another. Wanting something from them is different than “needing”.

Would love to hear your comments of a healthy relationship.

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