Bad Tools

Practice makes perfect except when it comes to a BAD relationship.

An unhealthy relationship cannot get better using the same tools that built it!

Do you have the right tools to walk into a healthy relationship? Does the person you are entering into the relationship have complimentary tools or the same ones?

While doing the work in Manifest Your Mate, questions like this might arise. In the case above if  both people have the same tools and both need to use them – a competition starts. Will you be strong enough to let the other take care of the issue with their tools and watch what unfolds? Or will you have to show your strength by demanding to use your tools?

When a relationship gets to this stage it is often a good idea to seek outside help in how to use the tools you have, get new tools, or get a new plan.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? Love to hear your comments.

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