Almost first date?

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone. The two of you hit it off pretty good. The guy asks you if you want to meet for a drink, coffee, dinner etc. You agree. You exchange numbers. each of you go about your life.

In the above scenario, what do you, the female expect to happen next?

It appears that the man should be calling. No deadline was put on when he would call or should call, so he could call a year from the moment…and he would be perfectly okay in doing that. You shouldn’t be upset. Your life should not change nor your emotions or feelings about him.

After all a time frame was not agreed upon.

This has happened to me a lot while writing this book. Although my primary focus has been completing it and now marketing it, I have obviously been emitting signals because I get interest from men. They suggest we do something. I say great, let’s do it. I give them a time frame that I am available to do it—and they don’t take the next step.

If a man does make the suggestions and never follows up with the “when” and the actual “date”, that is something to look at in his character.

  • Maybe he is just testing the waters to see if he is still attractive or desirable.
  • Maybe he is married and plays the field, but his “real” life gets in the way of him setting a date.
  • Maybe it is just a personality trait that allows him to feel like he has a social agenda and is in big demand.
  • Maybe he’s asking everyone he meets the same thing and never following up.
  • Maybe he collects phone numbers and sells them.
  • Maybe he is incapable of sticking to his word.
  • Maybe he disrespects women in general.

It’s not about him! It’s about you!

Al the reasons and excuses that are listed above can be rattled off by almost every single female on the planet.

The questions to ask yourself are:

Do you want to give your energy to someone who throws vacant invites your way?

Do you want someone who lets you down, even before you get to know them?

If you have set boundaries on this issue—my wish for you is that you stick to them.

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One thought on “Almost first date?

  1. Alex

    This is a good question! Yes, I almost had a first date with a man, but then he cancelled at the last minute. When I spoke with him to reschedule, I asked if he was married and he said yes. So I cancelled the date.