does SIZE matter?

I guess it depends on what “size” one is talking about!

In Manifest Your Mate the first chapter deals with the physical aspects of your desired partner. In my group study performed while writing the book, I was told by more than half the women that “looks” didn’t matter to them. However, subsequent conversations and their experience with the book and manifesting soon proved that they did.

The physical is not the most important aspect in a person. It is however, one of the first things we encounter when we meet someone, unless we meet them through e-mail or over the phone. But, even the voice is a physical aspect.

The physical is usually the first thing we see about a person as they approach us. We also see how they walk or hold themselves. How they style their hair. How they dress. Some can even see an aura or sense an aura about a person.

The process of Manifest Your Mate is to be clear on all aspects so that the Universe can deliver you quickly and precisely who you desire. In that aspect, the physical is important. Because there are millions of men that may meet all your other requirements. Being specific or at least in the infield when it comes to the physical ,will expedite your delivered mate.

Does size matter? Are you under five feet tall? What is tall to you when you are five feet tall? Are you over six feet tall? What is tall to you when you are over six feet tall?

Generalizing about tall, medium height or short will confuse your order when dealing with the Universe and manifesting your mate. So be specific! Write down a height range that you would prefer. By doing this, you have focused energy on those men who are between that range.

Enjoy the process of Manifest Your Mate and know that thought creates your reality and delivers exactly what you think and feel.

Joan Severance

©2017, Joan Severance, all rights reserved.