what is sexy in a man?

Sexy?  Sexy!  Sexy:0  Sexy:)

What is sexy to you, is all that matters. No matter what People magazine says is sexy–if it isn’t sexy to you –then it doesn’t apply.

So what does “sexy” mean when it comes to your man?

Is it his smile, his personality, his honesty, his confidence….what is it?

Sexy can encompass so much…

Is it that knowing in his eyes as he looks at you? Is it the mystery behind his glance?

Is it his hand on yours when you really need it? Is it his voice?

Men are different than women. They act and react differently. Should they be punished for that?

Absolutely not! They are being driven by their past experiences and the signals that you give them. So–be clear ladies—and don’t drive men crazy.

In the meantime—let me know what you think is sexy in a man…or what turns you on about a new encounter with a new man.

Joan Severance

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