Married Men

I have been approached by so many married men and the excuses they have are amazing.

I love this one: “Oh, my wife and I have an understanding.” My response: “Great! Let’s get her on the phone and tell her, better yet, let’s invite her to join us and show her in person.”

Of course that ends most approaches immediately.

I understand why men and women who are involved with someone or married reach out to “fill a need” that isn’t being met. But I do not condone it. I feel it greatly unfair to the other half that usually has no idea that there is anything “wrong” in the relationship.

By running to someone else to fill your needs or make you feel good about yourself, you are doing a great disservice to your union or agreement with the other party. It has nothing to do with “getting caught”. It is more the energy that will definitely change and be felt on a subtle level by the other person. Habits change when affairs are had.

The better thing and most respectful thing to do is to work things out in the existing relationship before creating new secret ones within it. That is fair to the other person. Let them know what you feel is missing, what needs aren’t being met, what desires you seek.

Because there is no ring–doesn’t mean a thing. Do your homework. If it is hard for him to set a date to see you–or he keeps cancelling last minute…it could mean he has a family and with a family plans always change last minute–or he is separated and the ex–didn’t pick up the kids–many reasons–be alert and aware. Ask him outright….but if you are only looking for  a fling–think about how the wife will feel when she finds out–do you really want that karma??

When doing the work in Manifest Your Mate, this is a good subject to ponder as you start to attract men that fit your requirements. If you don’t want to have to think about married men or those who are separated, going through long divorces — then make a note of that in the book and stick to your boundary. The Universe won’t have to waste time sending those guys your way.

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