My life has been filled with manifesting since a young girl. I manifested my modeling career, my acting career and my design career. I manifested a husband, a country singing star and a classic Cadillac. I have manifested exact amounts of money, exact jobs and special vacation opportunities….so I know a thing or two about the process.

I would love to guide you on your new path of manifesting your mate – or anything else you wish to achieve or have in your life.

Book a one hour consult

I have time for a few clients a weeks. I usually offer services over the phone, via e-mail and sometimes Skype video.

I have found that most initial conversations need an hour minimum…so, the initial consult is 1 hr minimum. After that most conversations are about 30 minutes…so, follow up consults are at 30 minute minimums.

You can find pricing at Severance GOODS at this link,

I look forward to helping you on your endeavor of a new way of thinking!

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