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This workbook can be a great tool and storage device as you set out to create the perfect mate. Attracting them to you with thoughts, actions and emotions you express in this journal, will broadcast across the globe your intended desires.

Don’t be amazed if once you get going with this you find yourself changing jobs, countries and friends. You may start new activities, join groups and/or relocate. The universe will use what it can to get you together with your created mate. All those around you may suddenly become players in this huge ordeal. Like in the movie The Game, starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you.

So, keep your eyes, mind and heart open to all the wonderful possibilities that exist for you to create a mate with the laws of attraction. It might become quite clear to you that we are all angels to someone along the path of life.

paperback  $19.99 USD  

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