Hello Ladies,

So glad that you decided to join the support group!

When I was almost finished with this book I reached out across social media to find 12 women in 12 weeks to manifest their mate—the group involvement gave insight into many aspects of the book–the process and the outcomes.

That is why I decided to do this support group.

I will be along the same path as you. I too, seek my mate and am ready using this method. Had to get the book, the hair care line and all the production, PR and social internet stuff out of the way to be able to actually participate.

So here I am . Right along side you all—seeking and searching.

Let’s help each other along the path.

This is a a group that is supportive and understands the action that words, thoughts and feelings bring.

There are rules:

  1. you must join the group by using the form – JOIN NOW
  2. no negative anything—positive is all that is allowed here
  3. spammers will be blocked, and no refunds!
  4. this is women helping women–we don’t need men in this group.
  5. 3 months and that’s it–this method is strong enough , that when followed, you will be hooked up with your guy by that time. Unless, you did not do the work.
  6. We can use your comments, notes, e-mail content about your experiences on and across the website and all our social media. We will only use your initials.
  7. I personally must be invited to any wedding that occurs from the use of the method in this book or conversations we have here or on the private consults. It’s only fair:) When I attend I can post photos and your personal-approved-story on the site and across the books social media.
  8. You promise to be ready, willing and able to commit to finding your guy by the Manifest Method.
  9. You promise to share your experiences that occur along your path through e-mails to us.me, and our social media networks.
  10. You promise to love yourself, those who care for you, love you and support you.
  11. You promise to be a real human being living on Planet Earth and wanting a Human experience here and now and within 3 months.
  12. You promise to be awesome, exuberant, happy, elated and excited about every minute that lay ahead of you in your life.

Great!!!  here is the form

Let’s Go!!

Fill in the form, pay the minimal fee. Join the experience that opens you to the energy that lets you get the guy that rocks your world!