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Manifest Your Mate: a journey for attraction
is a powerful tool to use if you are serious about bringing Mr. Right into your life. I had to write this because I know so many single women who are amazing, wonderful, caring, sexy, smart and available who are seeking their “soul mate”. Yet none have had anyone near what “they think” he should be—appear in their life.
Manifest Your Mate is just the book to get it done!
After years of developing characters for commercials, T.V. shows and theatrical films, I put my character development secrets along with the use of the Law of Attraction and focused intention into one source that delivers results when the process is followed!
Since the book has launched and while I was writing it, I was asked to create a blog, an area, that women could come and tell their stories, share experiences that happen along the way and to have someone else to shout out to about how miraculous the results are.
So, here it is. A place to hear of others successes and doubts. A place to read about my experiences with “manifesting”. A place to learn how to put those thoughts of yours to more efficient use, to get what you want and who you want.

author Joan Severance

Get the book and share with all your single female friends who are serious about having the partner of their dreams in their life. Enjoy the site, enjoy the blog!

paperback   $19.99 USD

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